Origami shops and suppliers

This list of origami shops and suppliers is organized by country and then region or state. If you know of any shops or catalogs that are not listed, please send mail to wambold@pobox.com.

A lot of the information is taken from the origami mailing list. I've tried to keep as many attributions as possible.


Canada, Alberta
Canada, British Columbia
Canada, Ontario
England, London
United States, Arkansas
United States, California
United States, Colorado
United States, Hawaii
United States, Indiana
United States, Massachusetts
United States, Michigan
United States, Minnesota
United States, New York
United States, Ohio
United States, Virginia
United States, various


Kim's Crane
Sasuga Japanese Bookstore
The Japanese Paper Place
The Paper Palette


Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 23:58:43 +0200
From: Luc Descampe <"luc.descampe@ping.be"@ping.be>

My shop has just been opened. It specializes in "paper" from around the
world. Main papers come directly from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Zimbabwe
and so on. Of course we have a lot of origami papers, including
original ones (I cut myself the Japanese paper and local papers for
origami). Please list my shop in your web.

The Mulberry Fields
42 Avenue de Stalingrad
1000 Brussels
Tel.: +32 (0)2 511 49 43

Thank you.


Origami Plus
1369 Greene Ave, Westmount, PQ H3Z 2A5 CANADA

Canada, Alberta

Old Strathcona Model & Toy Museum
From: bobbell@connect.ab.ca
Date: 2 Sept 1996

Old Strathcona Model & Toy Museum
8603-104 St.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Reputably has the largest stocks of origami papers and books in Western Canada

Canada, British Columbia

9-1666 Johnston St
Vancover, Canada

Sophia Books
725 Nelson St
Vancover, Canada

UBC Bookstore
6200 University Blvd
Vancover, Canada

Internet: http://www.vanlink.com/mono
No.1755, Parker Place II, 4311 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, B.C. V6X 3L7, Canada

Canada, Ontario

The Japanese Paper Place
Internet: http://www.interlog.com/~washi
887 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1G5

From: Joseph Wu <jwu@cs.ubc.ca> (Apr 3, 1995)

The Japanese Paper Place is purported to be the best source of Japanese
handmade paper outside of Japan. Proprietor Nancy Jacobi makes many shopping
expeditions to the little paper-making villages of Japan to keep up a good

England, London

Village Games - Camden Lock
From: Robby/Laura/Lisa <morassi@zen.it>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 12:23:48 -0300 (ADT

In a recent trip to London, I have discovered another shop selling origami
books, in addition to books on puzzles, mathematical brain teasers, word
games, conjuring, plus a large selection of mechanical puzzles, magic cards

VILLAGE GAMES - CAMDEN LOCK - tel & fax +44 171 4850653 (Business days Wed
to Sat)

Camden Lock is a well known shopping area just off Camden Town tube station.
The shop is in a corner of the little square where the open-air market is
held on Sat - Sun (walk left along the canal).


Libreria Aranda
Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 06:29:25 -0300
From: Fernando Pina Caballero <fernando@silvio.tid.es>

There is one bookstore in Madrid which sells origami books and special
paper. Its name is "Libreria Aranda" and it's located in General Yague street.
I don't remember the number but it's near Orense street.

United States, Arkansas

Jungkind Art Department

From Joseph Guellich <geraden@aristotle.NET> on Dec 2, 1996
I work at a retail art supply shop that carries a very good selection of
prepackaged origami papers as well as single sheets on many different
kinds of other papers suitable for folding.

Jungkind Art Department
1201 S. main st
little rock ar 72202

United States, California

Key Curriculum Press
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 1995 23:58:08 -0300
From: Gretchen Klotz <gren@lclark.edu>

Key Curriculum Press, a wonderful geometry-oriented catalog. They have Fuse's
_Unit Origami_ book, as well as *huge* packs of origami paper and patty paper
("translucent squares of paper used by restaurants to separate hamburger
patties," of all things!). And lots of other great stuff for the
math/geometry/origami junkie in *your* life... To order a catalog, write or
call Key Curriculum at:

PO Box 2304
Berkeley, CA 94702-9983
(800) 995-MATH

Kinokuniya (San Franciso)
From: Sandra Wambold (wambold@pobox.com), Oct 28, 1996

Located in the Kinokuniya Building of Japantown in San Franciso
(http://nihonmachi.com), Kinokuniya has both a bookstore and a
stationery on the same level. A reasonably good selection of origami
books and a terrific selection of origami papers, including washi
sheets. They also have a San Jose store I haven't visited.

Internet: http://www.shizu.com
Date: December 31, 1997

Japanese papers and origami books. The web site shows pictures of
paper and very nice to look at.

United States, Colorado

Into the Wind
Boulder, CO

Kite store -- Tyvek supplier.

United States, Hawaii

The Paper Palette
Internet: http://members.aol.com/PaperPalet/
P.O. Box 235114, Honolulu, HI 96823
(808) 595-3439 Voice Mail

United States, Indiana

Makielski, Inc., Your Store to Explore!
From: David J. Makielski <makielski@earthlink.net> (Oct 21, 1996)

Makielski, Inc., Your Store to Explore!, is a third generation art
material store in Mishawaka, Indiana. Mishawaka is near South Bend and
is in the northwest section of Indiana. We carry the standard selection
of Origami papers along with various books, Black Ink papers, children's
origami kits, papermaking kits, and general art supplies. Additionally,
Makielski, Your store to Explore! does quality custom framing, has a
COLORIP, Digital Imaging Center, features adult and children's classes
and has free weekend demos. We carry a very unique blend of merchandise
and gifts with the areas largest fine writing instrument department.

Makielski, Inc.
Your Store to Explore!
Voice: 800-688-0038, Fax: 219-259-2900
3838 N. Main Street
Mishawaka, Indiana 46545-3110
e-mail: makielski@earthlink.net or makielski@aol.com

United States, Massachusetts

Sasuga Japanese Bookstore
Internet: http://world.std.com/~sasuga
7 Upland Road, Cambridge MA 02140
361 Bolyston St, Brookline MA
From: Sandra Wambold (Apr 26, 1996)

The Sasuga Japanese Bookstore carries mostly Japanese-language items,
but also has some English language titles. For origami-related items,
they carry a little paper, both English and Japanese origami books,
and ORU, a Japanese origami magazine. Worth a trip if you are in the
Boston area. I've been quite happy in special ordering books from

The Cambridge store is very close to the Porter Square subway stop on
the Red Line. The Brookline store is close to the Brookline Hills
subway stop on the Green D Line. Check their WWW page for maps.

Porter Square Exchange
From: Sandra Wambold (Oct 23, 1996)

Selection of both packaged papers and sheets. Tokai is located in Porter
Square Exchange, very near the Porter Square T stop. (Leave the T station, and
walk towards Harvard and you'll see a renovated Sears and Roebuck). Visit
Sasuga as well if you go.

Wordsworth bookstore
Harvard Square (Cambridge, a T stop on the Boston Subway Red Line)
From: Sandra Wambold (Oct 23, 1996)

Usually has a reasonable selection of origami books (but this varies
drastically from month to month, for some reason.)

Buck A Book
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 11:41:40 -0300
From: brannon@ranger.enet.dec.com

Buck A Book in Framingham, Mass., USA has large rolls of tissue paper in black
and black with dark blue for $1.00 each. The store is located next to
Marshall's on Route 9. I don't know how long they will have them since those
usually aren't popular colors for wrapping gifts. Black tissue paper is
usually hard to find except around Halloween.

United States, Michigan

Located Upstairs at Kerrytown
407 N Fifth Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

While they don't stock many (if any, I'm not sure), books, this places
has both origami paper and lots and lots of imported specialty
papers. I have mail ordered stuff from them (fall' 93). It is run by
Tom and Cindy Hollander. When I dealt with them I spoke mostly with
Cindy, but they were both nice and helpful. (Doug Philips,
dwp@transarc.com, 1 March 1995)

United States, Minnesota

Triarco Arts and Crafts, Inc.
Date: 12 Sept 1996

Triarco Arts and Crafts, Inc.
14650 28th Ave NW
Plymouth, MN 55447

United States, New York

Origami Source
c/o Phyllis Meth
40-05 166th St.
Flushing, NY 11358

New York Central Art Supply

Of note are the Teegan papers which feature patterns made with metallic paints. -- Jason Wu

Crafts on Broadway
From: Michael & Janet Hamilton <mikeinnj@concentric.net>, 26 Oct 1996

I was in New York City today and came across a source for origami books and
paper. It is called "Crafts on Broadway", and is located on 76th Street at
Broadway on the second floor. The craft store carries some Lang and Montroll
books, and some Usbourne books. There was at least one paper airplane kit.
They also had precut papers, including single color packages, foils,
gradations, and some larger papers.

United States, Ohio

Long's Book Store
1836 North High Street, Columbus OH

Across the street from the Ohio State University campus (at High
& 15th), they have the standard origami paper that you find in teacher
supply stores, but for those willing to cut their own, they sell
interesting papers by the sheet in their commercial art department.
(wambold@pobox.com, Oct 23, 1996)

United States, Virginia

Kim's Crane
Internet: http://www.kimscrane.com
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 19:04:49 -0400
From: Gordon Crane <gordonc@mnsinc.com> (23 Oct 1996)

Kim's Crane is run by a husband and wife team who tries to keep a wide
selection of origami papers from around the world. They carry commercially
packaged origami papers and full size specialty papers. Kim's Crane philosophy
is to provide papers to the origamist at a very reasonable price. Located in
Herndon, VA.

telephone: voice (703)758-0373, fax 703)758-0061
e-mail: kcrane@kimscrane.com

United States, various

From: Lisa Abel <lisaa@gsa-orsp.crown.nwu.edu> (Jan 25, 1995)

[...] Speaking of run-of-the-mill, the following are 800-numbers (and toll
numbers) for some paper distributors. They are all uncoated, recycled stock. If
you call, you may have to imply that you are planning a print job, though they
don't usually ask. If they ask you which swatch books you want, just request a
sampling of "text, cover, and bond."

Beckett Paper Co. 800-423-2259
Cross Pointe Paper Co. 612-644-3644 (worth the toll call!)
Gilbert Paper Co. 800-828-4553
Graphic Suisse Inc. 800-944-7445 (specialty papers)
Hammermill Intl. Paper Co. 800-242-2148
Mohawk Paper Mills 800-441-3408
Neenah Paper 800-338-6077
S.D. Warren Co. 800-882-4332
Simpson Paper Co. 415-358-9970
Strathmore Paper Co. 800-423-7313
Weyerhauser Paper Co. 800-523-5590

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